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EL PUENTE (since 1957: Provide help for persons in the Psychiatric Hospital of Asuncion. Since 1990: It became the Rehabilitation Center):

At the Center for Psychosocial Rehabilitation El Puente (which means The Bridge), people with psychological problems or psychiatric disorders find a friendly atmosphere where they receive support for their personalized therapy plan, in addition to their psychiatric treatment. The center, located on the grounds of the Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Asuncion, assists more than 60 patients. They are divided into groups according to their needs and interests. El Puente offers its patients rehabilitation according to their individualized treatment plan, which may include psychoeducation, training in social skills, self-care, crafts, sports, gardening, woodworking, computer classes, and participation in social and spiritual activities. In the Day Center, people with different mental disorders are assisted. They do not require hospitalization but a daily therapeutic support, as well as work and family counseling. Furthermore, a group of patients who live in rural areas are supported through the “Back Home” project, which facilitates them with the required transportation back to their community and the regular sending of their medications as prescribed.

The purpose is to work together and Network with other institutions of the similar activities in order to find new solutions for mental health in Paraguay.

Since 1990, many people have improved their quality of life and reconnected with their social environment thanks to the help received in the Center. It has become a bridge for these people towards a greater autonomy in everyday life, to social inclusion, and also greater mental and spiritual health.


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