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Emanuel Daycare Center (since 1985)


The Emanuel Daycare Center is a place that provides integral care for children. It currently serves approximately 90 children from ages of 6 months to 5 years old. To be able to register their children, families must complete an application form informing us of their social situation; we then make home visits and require that parents have a workplace. We select families who are most in need, according to the availability of room in our daycare, where children are grouped by age. In most cases, selected families are single mothers who have to go to work full time and need a safe place for their children to stay while they are working.

Children at the daycare receive everything they need (food, nutritional assistance, hygiene, routines, a beginning in literacy, educational activities for their age, socialization and a place to play with other children). Here they receive affection, attention, and love in a warm and caring environment.

We believe it is important to provide accompaniment that also reaches families, not only the child attending the daycare or school. Therefore, we have the support of a social worker to guide mothers towards a better quality of family and social life. Weekly meetings are intended to inform, guide, and train mothers and/or relatives in their professional, family, personal, and spiritual life. We also provide a place where mothers can interact with each other, enabling the new formation of friendship and mutual support.

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