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Voluntary Service

The various facilities of SERVOME have a volunteer service for people with different skills, experiences and backgrounds, who have the desire to serve God and their neighbor. We look for active Christians who are baptized; people who are willing to adapt to a simple lifestyle with material limitations; people who are willing to live and share with other volunteers; who are open to new models of behavior, concepts and cultures.

Volunteers live in the SERVOME residence where they receive housing, food and specific programs of social and spiritual growth.

In SERVOME there are three different groups of volunteers:

  • The so-called “ALEGUAYOS”, who are young Paraguayan people who come from German-speaking Mennonite churches coming originally from the colonies in Chaco as well as from colonies of the eastern region. They come from churches that founded and sustain SERVOME, being the next generation of supporters of the work. Normally they do their service for the months of summer vacation.
  • The STUDENTS group, they are usually young people who come from Spanish-speaking churches. In exchange for their service, they receive financial support for their vocational studies and do their practical service in one of the facilities of SERVOME, receiving housing and food at the residence during the time of their studies.
  • GERMANS, these are volunteers who come from Germany to take part in an exchange program in Paraguay for one year, learning a new language, a new culture and a new reality. They are able to get back with renewed faith and encourage others to come and live this experience and support this work. In addition, there are also young people coming from different countries (especially from Argentina and Canada) – but who tend to come more sporadically.

A voluntary service transforms and enriches the lives of the volunteers and of the people whom they help in a very positive way. The experiences have a profound impact that lasts for a lifetime.

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